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Give a tired patio or paving slabs a makeover – Paint People

Not only will it make it easier for an even application of the patio stain it’ll mean longer-lasting results too. Make sure your patio or slabs are clean and dry. That means removing moss algae and grease. Use a pressure washer to easily and effectively remove ground-in dirt; To remove moss and algae sweep the patio with a stiff broom.

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Leveling Uneven Concrete Patios |

Remove any loose concrete and brush the area thoroughly before rinsing the patio with a hose. The surface needs to be as clean as possible for the best results. Build a wooden frame around the edges of the concrete slab that protrudes 2 or 3 inches above the current level.

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Hiding Outdoor Eyesores: Tips for Disguising Utilitiy Boxes

If the plants themselves don’t disguise ugly pvc pipes or well heads in a garden a thoughtfully placed bird bath or fountain might be just what you are looking for. A garden statue or decorative faux rock can also provide disguise in these situations as well. 9.) Disguise Utility Boxes

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13 Creative Ways to Cover Your Patio | Hunker

A wide-slat pergola is the best way to go whenever there's a bit of distance between the patio area and your house. We love the way Brookes + Hill Custom Builders incorporated beautiful pendant lighting into this pergola sure to create a bewitching ambience perfect for those summer soirees .

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How I Made My Patio Look New Again with - Ugly Duckling House

A pressure washer works best to clear off any loose dirt (since my patio is level with the ground hosing things off just right so as to not wash dirt back onto the patio proved to be a little bit of a challenge). I borrowed my Dad’s pressure washer and had a LOT of fun.

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Five Solutions for a shabby deck - Family Handyman

Solution 3: Replace the Deck Boards Family Handyman It's not the easiest option but replacing your wooden deck boards with synthetic decking (composite or PVC) might be your best investment in both time and money.

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How to Resurface Your Patio | Better Homes & Gardens

Mix concrete resurfacing powder and water—following manufacturer's instructions—in a 5-gallon bucket with a drill and paddle mixer. Saturate the patio surface with water but remove any areas of standing water. Pour the patio resurfacing compound onto the patio and spread with a long-handle squeegee. The mixture should be 1/16 to 1/8 inch

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How to Cover a Concrete Patio With Pavers (DIY) | Family Handyman

A concrete patio is made for practicality not beauty. It starts out looking plain and goes downhill from there. As craters cracks and stains accumulate it can go from dull to downright ugly in just a few years. But there’s a simple solution whether you want to dress up a bland patio or hide an aging one.

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Patio Ideas: Before & After Patio Makeovers | Better Homes

This patio proves that small changes can reap big rewards. Salvaged French doors and windows improve indoor/outdoor flow and a new covered section of the patio includes plush built-in seating at the water's edge. A modest-size deck in front of the guesthouse offers easy access to the pool.

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