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2" Composite Floor Decks & Decking - Corrugated

2" Composite Floor Decks and Decking Galvanized Steel Painted & Stainless 304 -316. 2" Composite is available in composite galvanized steel painted steel and stainless steel. Composite Deck is meant to be used as a floor deck where concrete is to be poured on top of the deck.

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2" Composite Corrugated Metal Floor Decking

The 2" composite floor decking panel has a 2" deep profile and is designed to provide a deeper concrete pour. The 2"- Composite floor decking panels come in a standard 24"W (2′) wide panel. The standard lengths available in the 2" are @ 8′ 10′ 12′ @ 24′ Long. We can supply the 2" depth in almost any material.

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Metal Deck Direct | Composite Floor Deck

2" composite floor deck panels are made in either 24" or 36” panel widths and is used for all concrete slabs. The galvanized finish is in stock in 20 & 18 gauge in a variety of lengths (36” wide). Sheets may be ordered up to 40′ Long. 3" Composite

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2" Composite Floor Deck | ACT Metal Deck Supply

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply provides 2 Composite Floor Deck 2 Composite Floor Decking 2 Floor Decking 2 Floor Deck Metal Deck Metal Decking Floor Deck Floor Decking 2.0 VLI Deck Decking Metal Deck Supply

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2.0" Composite Floor Deck - Cordeck

Cordeck Composite Floor Deck conforms to all applicable SDI Composite Deck Manual specifications. Cordeck steel deck shall be installed by qualified and experienced workers. Deck installation drawings shall be submitted to the project architect and engineer for approval prior to the manufacture of materials.

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